Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two weeks ago, I was innocently volunteering in the library at my kids' school.  This time spent in the library is enjoyable to me, and you'd think it would br pretty harmless. UNTIL... duh, duh, duh...

a few books started to fall and I proceeded to catch them. Then - SNAP - pain, and now I have a wrist that is in a cast.  I am trying to make some lemonade with these enormous lemons.  I've been taking it pretty easy, relying on my sweet hubby, my wonderful kiddos, friends and family to help out in all of my daily tasks.  I can do a lot, just limited; I am more than aware that there are folks out there who are in much dire sraits than I am. This is just my plight for now. 

I have been drinking tea.  Typically I dont like hot tea, but I have a new fav! To add insult to my injury, I came down with a stomach bug the past few days, and my usual coffee craving just sounded gross! One of my sweet friends brought this to me, and it just hit the spot.

 Im reading this right now. I love having a good Chrismas book to read at this time of year.
On Saturday I was given the privilege of being the maid of honor at my friend's wedding.  The Tuesday prior to the wedding, I hosted a shower for her.  My house was so full of love that night! I dont have a fancy house and was a little intimidated about 20 people arriving, but the size and quality of my home was not the focus of the shower.   Go figure!! I stress myself out about the dumbest things. My house is a gift.  Literally.  Years ago, my house was going into foreclosure. It was a desperate situation.  A wonderful, generous, compassionate couple saved my house and gave me the money that I needed to rescue it.  It was an enormous miracle, and I remind myself often that my house is a gift.  The night of the shower, after I recognized my foolish heart, I was able to simply enjoy having Polly's wonderful family and friends here.  My kids loved it too,  They absolutely adore it when I start getting the house ready for a party. They helped me move furniture around and get food prepped. 
It was such a wonderful weekend to celebrate my precious friend.

Last Sunday afternoon we made our anual trek up to the mountains to find our perfect Christmas tree.  We couldnt have asked for a better afternoon! The experience was freezing cold yet magical!!
The house is now all decorated, the gifts are slowly being delivered,  the holiday spirit is brewing.  We listen to our favorite Christmas music wherever we are at.
Everyone has their favorite tune,  and it is the background noise to everything that we do.
The girls are preparing for their piano recital where they will rock their
own tunes on the piano in a week. 

Holidays and Family. They go hand in hand. Now, Im just going to have to try to figure
out how to wrap gifts with only one hand!  It might be a gift bag type of year!!

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