Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our summer days feel like a monkey bar piece of playground equipment.  One of those hang on by your hands, cross from rung to rung, hoping that you don't fall off when you're in the middle  jungle gyms. 

One of the "rungs" that we just crossed over was Vacation Bible School. Also known as VBS, this child-pleasing, scripture learning week of fun is always a highlight for my kids.  This year was a different year because I had 2 littles attending VBS, and 2 bigger-littles SERVING in VBS.  I also was wrangled volunteered to help , so all 5 of us were at church together every morning. 

Our church does a really amazing job of organizing and entertaining and teaching peeps from all over our city, ages 4-10.  I was happy to be a part of our turquoise wearing VBS team, but what was more thrilling was running into my kiddos all around the church and yard, knowing that God was working in all of our hearts each day. 

I was a part of the recreation team, so I got to see every grade, as well as the teachers and volunteers.  Getting hugs from my own kids throughout the mornign kept me encouraged and knowing that they were learning and were happy and helping made me such a joy-filled mama!!  Hearing my kids quote scripture, talk about Jesus and sing praises to our Creator was the absolute best part of our week. I am so grateful for VBS.

This weekend we are crossing the "camping at Hermit Park" rung on our summer jungle gym.  The tent-filled-bins have come down from the garage storage, the menu has been planned and we are making plans for what to fill our mountain days with.  Colorado has been under the attack of many, many fires and so we won't be allowed to have a campfire, but we will make due.  We are going camping with friends of ours, and it is going to be oh, so fun!!! Hermit Park is a favorite place from my childhood and taking my family there is always something worderful.