Monday, October 18, 2010

Pop tarts and popcorn

Tonight we are having pop tarts and popcorn for supper.  It's just the little ones and myself, and nobody is particularly hungry.  The weather outside is rainy and gloomy, causing us to seek comfort from the tastes and smells and feelings inside.  I just washed our flannel sheets and can't wait to get all snugged up for the night.  Meredith just read a funny book to Michael and me and the doggies are near to us,  happy that they aren't being forced outside.

Last week, I had a magical time at the pumpkin patch with Michael.  He is so darling, and so different at school than he is at home.  He was the leader of the class (and the teacher),  a tad bossy, confident and self assured.  The shy little boy that I often see in front of strangers and such was no where to be seen.  Michael led his class through the maze, showed them where to go and where not to go, reminded his friends of the rules, and made sure that his teacher new if someone wasn't following them.  The other thing I noticed is that he is very helpful, and also quite sensitive to the little girls in his class.  He makes sure they are okay, even putting his hand on them protectively... or possessively... I wasn't sure.     I was happy to be with him on this field trip to enjoy him, but also thrilled to gain this perspective on my sweet son.  It is so fun to look past today and into tomorrow wondering about the man that God has planned for him to be. For now, I will be thankful for each moment that I get to spend with my little guy.  I wish that he could stay little for a long, long time.