Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I know tonight...

  • chivalry is NOT dead - my sweet little boy is such a gentleman, holding doors for me, killing mosquitos for his sisters
  • Riley Thompson is the most popular boy at my daughter's middle school.  I don't know why. I think its his cool hair.
  •  i love my children more today than yesterday
  • nothing matches the joy of a really good book
  • knitting relaxes me 
  • rules should apply to everyone
  • Kendall Jackson makes great Chardonnay
  • I love to hear my children play the piano
  • Hermit Park is one of my favorite places on earth
  • 3 day weekends ROCK!!!
  • I miss my parents living near me
  • husband/daddy traveling for a long stint is hard on us
  • God is so faithful
  • good friends are precious and irreplaceable 
  • my new Blackberry is fun
  • nothing is impossible with God - MY God