Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twice, over the last month, I have spent time with extended members of my husband's family.  Last night, his Uncle and Aunt from Maryland were at our house for a visit.  We enjoyed dinner together, chicken and vegetable kabobs, good wine, and a delicious salad bar made up mostly from veggies pulled out of our garden.

 As I listened to stories told, I tried to catch details about my mother-in-law and her brother's childhood and past experiences together.  I wanted to hear snippets about a heritage I know little about, but affects who my husband and kiddies are.  These are people who share my younger children's genes.

 I searched for similarities in my kids and their relatives.  Eye color?  Mannerisms?  It fascinates me how traits are handed down through generations.  How my Meredith has the same eyes as her great Uncle.  I love reading books that span many generations, connecting families over time with laces of family secrets, stories and life experiences.  We are all apart of each other's history. Tied together through time and years.

Our evening was relaxing and lovely.  I am grateful to have been with these relatives. Family means so much to me. 

 At one point in the evening, funny Meredith asked her great Uncle Robert, who is a bird lover, if he had seen the movie "Rio". She explained that he would like it because its about birds!!  This made Patrick and I chuckle with delight today when she told us what she asked him.  Such a sweetie, relating something in Uncle Robi's world to her own.