Monday, June 6, 2011

Seven is Heaven

We celebrated Meredith's 7th birthday last week.  There were 9 little girl-friends, beautiful gifts, decorated cupcakes, and happiness flowing through our home.  Meredith is a people-person, no doubt.  She entertained her friends and loved on them the entire length of her party.

 The party wasn't anything too fancy, but it accomplished the puprose of celebrating my special little girl and making her feel like she was queen of the world for that day.  Many times, I've heard others describe Meredith as an old soul.  Although I'm not entirely sure of all that entails, I am certain that her little soul is years older than  a meager 7 years . 

She says things like "In just a moment", or "I will think about that".  Words that make me take a step back and say "Who is this child?" 

party favors

She is thoughtful and courageous, sensitive and spirited.  She is learning that she loves to sit down at the piano and poke out a tune that has been running circles around her head.  She loves to read, and the more challenging the words the better.  Meredith is Patrick's first-born and he is her first love.  They are connected in ways that are beyond earrthly comparison.  It is a connectedness that is a balance of intellect and sensibility, practicality and passion; she looks and acts just like him.  However... I must say that as much as she looks like her daddy, my fashion sense made a way through her DNA and imprinted itself on her a very big way!!  No one can put a cute outfit together better than this child. 

She is part of both of us and she is seven... to her there is nothing better. It is heaven.   I love you, my sweet Meredith Grace!!!