Thursday, July 9, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

The thing about summer that I am embracing is that most days are just perfectly imperfect.  There are messes, there are arguments, there are tantrums, there are mistakes, there are blowups, there are missteps.  And in all of these, we have the chance and the opportunity to make something beautiful out of something not-so-beautiful.  This summer, I decided on  Proverbs 15:15 to be our theme verse.  The girls and I are all on Instagram (#awesome!!) so we even developed hashtags for our summer verse.  The verse is all about whether you want to choose to be miserable OR whether you want to choose to be cheerful.  Every day, its a choice, And you get exactly what you choose.  The best part is that because of grace,  you can always change your mind.  It's been such a good reminder about the power that we have to take our "imperfectness" and be okay with it.  To recognize when we've hurt someone and ask forgiveness; to realize that we've overdone it in an area and so we make a u-turn; to clean up a misunderstanding with a friend; to show compassion to a family member who might not deserve it.

 Summer is just a short story of the year.  It's story that each one of us is contributing to.  One that is ever-changing and completelly unpredicatable.   It has chapters that are full of adventure, interesting characters, twists and turns, ups and downs.  From beginning to end, it is a story of love, laughter, and most of all the Lord's faithfulness. I'm grateful to be one of the quirkiest characters in our story.