Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pass it on

When I was a teen, I loved going to church youth group.  I spent many hours hanging out there both in junior high and in high school.  One of my favorite things that we did at youth group was sing praise and worship music.  Often, the song "Pass it on" was on the set list for the night.  The song starts off like this...

"It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.  And soon all those around will warm up to it's glowing." 

I'm not sure if I got those words exactly right... but the gist of the song was that it just takes one spark.  And then the fire starts... 

Well, this week I had a couple of sparks in my life.  And, just like the song says... Those sparks started a fire of sorts in my heart!!  These sparks came as encouragement from a couple of my favorite people.  Honest encouragement from their hearts.  I think that it was so kind of them to SPEAK their encouragement rather than just think it.  Because it wouldn't have even BEEN encouraging to me if they hadn't shared it.  That's the glowing that the song from my past is talking about.  I was able to warm up to the glowing shared by my friends. 

We should all follow the example of my kind friends, to share when we are thinking kind things and not just think the kind things.  

Pass it on.