Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A month has gone by and I sit here contemplating all that has happened within the rooms of my house and the walls of my heart in the past 30 plus days. 

We have traveled, we have painted, we have messed and we have cleaned; there have been times of rejoicing, and there have been moments shaded with tears.  As Ecclesiates says so vididly... "there is a time for everything..."  I have truly experienced the "everything" this month, and I am grateful for a heart that can break and heal, a family that can fight and love, and a life that doesn't promise easy, but delivers on fullness.   We've had Spring Break fun at the zoo, a hotel, the park, grandparent's home; we've played games at home and we've baked at home; we've been out in the snow, and sunned ourselves under the palms.  It's been a truly beautiful month.

The sun is shining more these days, which causes all of us to be a lot happier.  As I type, the birds outside are composing a pretty song.  Just yesterday, the kids all entered their last quarter of this school year.  Emails between school and home flew back and forth as we prepare for 5th grade graduation, end-of-the-year dance recitals, and middle-school choir performances that are smothering the calender.  All in all, the next few months hold promises of memories and fun, and as we take a peak at summer through the lenses of vacations, pool openings, and plans for an 8th birthday bash, I am excited that the school year is winding down.

 I was blessed with a 5 day vacation over the last few weeks.  My sweet, life-long friend Susan and I made our way to sunny(er) Arizona.  We spent hours shopping, and eating, and relaxing and talking.  The vacation was planned for the purpose of celebrating our 40th birthdays this year, but we quickly decided that from this year forward, we should fit a trip of this sort in no mater what we were celebrating.  While I was away, the kids and Patrick had a great time.  Not a beat was missed, nobody was left at school after hours, no injuries were sustained, and my silent phone was an indicator that everything was being taken care of just fine. 

Soon after I got home, Patrick left on a snow camping trip, and then came Spring break where the kids and I traveled out to the plains to visit Grandma and Poppop.  Relaxing at my parents house is a favorite thing for me.  My mom cooks and the kids play; my dad and I had some fun, sitting around chatting moments.  One afternoon, the big girls and I played golf with my dad.  We had a blast, driving the cart around the course and bathing in the warm sun, the first of which we had felt for Spring.  Our golf game needed a lot of work, but laughing hard and sharing time with each other was what we loved most about the time spent on the golf course. 

Once we got home and reunited with Daddy, we started to nestle back into normal life.  The six of us spend a lot more time apart than other families, simply because of the big girls' schedule and Patrick's travel schedule.  Therefore, the moments that we have all together are squeezed clear out of love.

So, here's to Spring!!!  Every bulb, every bud and every-body. "...to everything there is a season." Enjoy this one!