Friday, March 4, 2011


Meredith is home from school with a fever and a very sore throat today. 
Her demeanor has pinballed between pathetic (before Advil) to "I'm feeling great!" (after Advil) all day long.
Michael isn't sure if he has a playmate or an adversary at home with him.

A little bit ago, I announced that they were both looking tired
 so we were going to lay down for naps.

That was then...

I heard cries of
"But I'm not tired!!" and
"I'll never be able to go to sleep!" 

this is now

And here is how much time had passed

I have a snoring, little girlie on the couch
and a twitchy, sweet boy next to me on my bed.

They were both so tired, they never knew what hit them in those 2 minutes.

Score one for the Mama