Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Fall Fall

September... It is the "witching hour" of the summer.  Its the time of year that you wonder if you should put any more water on the garden... add any more soil to the pots.  Do I weed, or do I let the weeds take over??  Should I plant more or just give in to the destiny of winter...

I love the beginning of fall.  It is delicious in its smells, its colors, its meaning.  We desire cozy and calm, warm and inviting.  Pepper that with the wonderfulness of boots, tights, and comfy sweaters and the month gets its very own bright gold star placed on the center of the calendar.
Every day is busy with practices, rehearsals, homework and "lets just hang out".  The month is peppered with activity yet frosted with the icing of fall.  Good smelling candles and candy corn.  Full Saturdays accompanied by lazy Sundays.  Banners of orange and yellow, glazed with apples and cider.

Maybe you've heard that Colorado got a little bit of rain.  Holy Smokes!!!  It was the Mother Lode of LIQUID!!!!!  As I drove around the neighborhood today, accompanied by the green, green grass and trees I was confused as to weather we were in SPRING or in FALL???  The amount of rain that we've gotten over the past 10 days is INCREDIBLE and the plants, trees, and grass are just soaking it up.  Instead of the regular colorful foliage of fall, we have the remnants of our summer and spring.  Green, Green, Green!!!
I am a summer girl, no doubt about it. I love the heat!!!  I think that with these gorgeous flowers blooming in the garden, joining in my crusade against cold weather, summer will gain a grand extension in our yard!!