Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Florida Summer Vacation

It felt a little bit like coming home.  The palm trees welcomed us and waved to us from
 the hot Florida sky. We were familiar with the landscape and temperature.  The humid air didn't take us by surprise this time.  We knew our way around and in no time at all, we bound ourselves to the reason
for our travels - VACATION!! 

Unhurried, unplanned, numerous hours with no agenda.  Our plans were simply to relax and make memories.  This was our fifth visit to this vacation spot.  With no hesitation, we proclaim it as one of our family favorites. Braided in with our very familiar spots were a few new places. 

Anna Maria Island was a new, wondrous location to bask in the warm gulf water, play volleyball on the soft sand, and be awed by the beauty of the setting sun over the ocean. 

We plaited our old favorites with new favorites, resulting in a perfect combination.  We fished, we ate good food, we drank yummy tropical drinks, we searched the shore for perfect shells. 
Each of us tried to capture as much as we could from every
sun-soaked hour. We woke up expectant and went to bed happy and tired out.

 Six days didn't feel like enough, but we enjoyed
every moment of sandy feet under tables, wet towels littering the floors,  sweaty sunscreened faces,
dripping bathing suits exchanged for sundresses and tank tops, empty tummies topped off with
delicious Gumbo Limbo fare.  

After a day of smooth travel back home (and one lost camera), we have all declared
that we cannot wait until we get to go back...
once again.  

We love you Florida!