Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As I write, I can smell my pumpkin scented candle and hear the new Tinker Bell movie playing in the living room.  Every now and then I hear the kids talk with one another or giggle, reminding me that everyone is home.  The night isn't exciting, but it is cozy and welcoming, and quite ordinary.  I will take ordinary - in fact I prefer it.  Earlier, the cool breeze outside was blowing in through an open window in the bedroom.  We have FALL happening here, and if I had a nickel for every time someone has voiced "I LOVE FALL!" this past week, I would have stacks of Jefferson covered coins all over my messy counter.  Autumn in Colorado is so lovely you almost can't come up with the right words.  The changing leaves, the haze-covered mountains, the harvested fields walled in by neighboring houses.  It is perfect, it is ours.  I love the beach - I love the sand and the waves and the hot, hot sun.  But to really experience fall, I have to be home.  HOME - where we know that the tall aspen tree in the back yard turns red at the tippy top first; where my asters spread their lazy arms out over the driveway stretching out for what's left of the bees and afternoon sun; where the wide field behind our house cries out for a tractor to come bale it's produce; where the pumpkin vines curl up and over the fence on the south side of the house making us wait until the very last second to pick our favorite one.  We start the day in sweaters and end up in our shorts and tanks.  As much as I often crave being way down south at my favorite beach, these are the moments I am content to be home.  Because there's no place like it right now.

Thank you for coming to visit, dear FALL.  Feel free to hang out for a while! Come plan our costumes with us and make our piles of leaves along side us.  Teach us to slow down and cozy up; to hug more and sigh less; to embrace your candied corn, your early sun sets and your orange hued sunrises.  Your sounds and scents remind us to savor life.  We will cherish you until the snow falls and we have to say a temporary goodbye.  Until then...