Monday, May 30, 2011

In what seems like the blink of an eye, my baby boy has crossed over the preschool threshold, stepping into the world of  kindergarten.  Just like that.  A quick flip through a few calendars and here we are, ready for him to enter "real" school.  I remember shortly after he was born (sadly!) imagining him entering kindergarten and all that would mean for me.  Selfishly, my imaginations were laced  with thoughts of free-time, choices, and quiet.  I'm okay with being a little selfish.  I've logged in enough hours to be rewarded a little time off come late August.  I intend to enjoy the quiet and the free-time and the choices, fully knowing that having 4 children in school will fill up my calendar and absorb many of the quiet moments that I am anticipating.   I have watched my Michael grow into a smart little boy, eager to experience the "school club" that his sisters are already seasoned members of . He has said goodbye to his toddler years in many ways over the past year of pre-school.  He's taller and smarter, and more confident.  As he walked down the aisle last Thursday night, with his arms crossed protectively over his body, he gave me a sweet smile that said "I'm ready - bring it on!" And even though I feel a rush of sadness in watching him grow up, I realized that in saying goodbye to this stage, I get to say hello to the next stage for him. Kindergarten - what an exciting and fun stage of life!  

 The stage where he gets to learn how to read; the stage where he gets to eat lunch at school; the stage where he carries a backpack and is responsible for what is inside of it; the stage where he brings home stories about new friends that will accompany him through his elementary school years.  A part of him will always be my baby boy, but I'm so excited to read the next chapter of his story. The last five chapters have been SO good!!