Sunday, September 7, 2014

Folders and Lunches and Schedules - OH MY!!!

Every elementary school teacher has a different  better way of having parents keep track of reading and math.  They ALL think that they have the perfect method to this MADNESS!!!  And they will change their method based on their latest Pinterest findings.  It is the BRIGHT side of middle school and High school that there are NO planners to sign.  I appreciate our teachers so much but sometimes they forgot that families have much better things to do than keep track of how many days mom has NOT signed the planner.  Oh well = as long as nobody minds the batch method (signing many days at a time!!) I'm all in.

School has gotten under way here and the kids have happily immersed themselves in their respective grades - 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th.  Two of the kiddos are finishing out their years at the school that they now attend.  Next year will be a transition year for one into middle school and for another into high school.  I keep dreaming that the stress and busyness will taper off.  It won't.  I know that is the truth, but  a mama can still dream, can't she? The kids are all involved in rewarding activities, and I am grateful for all that they are learning and doing.  Three of them pack their own lunches now - Can I get an AMEN!!!???

 These are special years - I'm told this and I acknowledge it.  These ARE special years.  Ones that I cherish.  Ones that wear me out.  Ones that fill me up.  It is the dichotomy of childhood = Making sure that nobody is bored and lazy, keeping them involved in activities that challenge and teach them character and responsibility, supplying them with opportunities that will make the most use of their talents and gifts. All the while maintaining your sanity as a parent  = keeping track of which leg of the carpool on which day I am responsible for.  Washing the appropriate game day/practice day socks.  Is it the blue shorts or the black shorts that he needs for practice?  Is today a tennis practice or a tennis match, because those are at different locations.  Dance requires black leggings for hip hop as well as pink tights and blue leotard for ballet.  And heaven help us if we forget a water bottle, snack or sunscreen.  The last of which I did this past weekend.  We have spent the past few days with rosy cheeks and sunburned shoulders because MOM forgot the sunscreen.  Honestly, after packing a cooler full of food and 2 soccer bags, I plum never even thought of it.  Never crossed my mind that the sun wouldn't be our friend.  For days now, we will have Rudolph noses and guess what... The thing that I hold onto for DEAR LIFE - WE WILL SURVIVE!!!  Nobody will die from lack of sunscreen, or the wrong color socks.  If we happen to show up a moment late to practice, nobody will suspend my dance/soccer/tennis mom trophy.  (Oh wait... I don't have a trophy!!  That's a shame...) In the midst of all of this, our full schedule and CRAZY days, I am trying to keep some perspective and hang on to joy.  And when I see smiles and skills and enjoyment of their sport/art it makes every bit of the driving and packing and remembering absolutely worth it!!    

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Summer in Pictures

Yesterday, I read that September 1 is the new January 1.  Resolutions get made.  The future is anticipated, the past is remembered.  We've said goodbye to June, July and August and we anticipate all that September will bring.  Summer has been spent - BIG TIME!!  Now we begin school and all things Fall - sweaters and sports, pumpkin scented candles and fight songs, cute boots and football games.   The "fall busy" is different than the "summer busy" and it is ALL good!!
We had a summer FULL of activity, memories, excitement, and PACKING!!!  We traveled by planes, vans, and busses.  We left footprints in the mountains, on the beaches, the prairie and the plains. We collected sea shells and took photographs.  If I wasn't a part of this wonderful family,
I sure would want to be!!
cousins on the beach
family pic

11 years anniversary

ritz swimming

more cousins on the beach

beach love

family at the Corkscrew swamp
Rockies selfie

Naples pool


42 Birthday

yurt love

new house color

pool time

mountain Lupines

10th birthday

camping buddies

target practice
Rockies view

Daddy and his girls building sandcastle

teen love
Gumbo Limbo

yurt shooting

yurt love

roasty toasty

ritz love

swamp love