Sunday, January 9, 2011

Double Digits!!

Maddie is 10!!!

M - most generous and kind 
A - always thinking of others
D - darling 
I - I am so happy that I get to be your mommy
S - super, smart, smiley, sweetheart
O - one of a kind
N - Nobody else in the whole world fills up the Maddie-girl shaped space in my heart.  

You are my sweet second born daughter, who rocked the world when you arrived.  We were nothing before you came along.  Thank you for being you.   You are so unique and gifted in so many things. I love to watch you grow into your own style; I love that you get excited over long division; I love it that you enjoy playing with Barbies with your little sister and legos with your little brother; I love it that you love to eat hot wings; I love it that you do are such a great piano player. You are absolutely and truly so dear to me, my lovely daughter.  I love you  more and more each day.  
Happy 10th Birthday!