Wednesday, June 3, 2015


ENJOYING : time alone AND time with friends 

WATCHING : this movie   - Just such a great one!!

DRINKING: yummy coffee and delicious Sangria.  This was the best recipe!!

DOING: gardening, working in the yard, making a birthday cake, planning a birthday party.

READING : "The Forgotten Seamstress" and "Ordinary Grace"

STUDYING : "Fight Back with Joy"... again.  This study was so wonderful the first time that I did it and I just wanted to ruminate a little bit more in it.  So I bought another book and I'm watching the videos again. It's so worth it.  

EATING : While my family has been gone, I've eaten pasta.  and more pasta!!  It's not everyone's favorite thing around here, but it IS mine!  SO....I cooked it for myself 3 times since everyone has been away :). 

MISSING : All of my peeps.  Truly!  Three of them are on their way home right now, and the big girls have 5 days left on their trip.

 It's been wonderful to have some time "off" but I'm ready to get back to work.   I am meant to be  the mama and the wife, the keeper of the details, the leader of this pack.  It's my calling and my purpose and... turns out it's also my joy.  It's where my heart is, it's where my passion is, and since we've all been apart my heart has grown fonder of all of the little birdies in my nest.  Now it's time to get back together and get this summer party started.   


Today is our little brown-eyed girl's birthday.  Meredith Grace is 11 today.  She is absolutely the life of our family.  She is funny, bright, has the biggest dreams, and we couldn't be more delighted to celebrate her today. 

Happy Birthday, my darling little one.