Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our Summer in Pictures

Yesterday, I read that September 1 is the new January 1.  Resolutions get made.  The future is anticipated, the past is remembered.  We've said goodbye to June, July and August and we anticipate all that September will bring.  Summer has been spent - BIG TIME!!  Now we begin school and all things Fall - sweaters and sports, pumpkin scented candles and fight songs, cute boots and football games.   The "fall busy" is different than the "summer busy" and it is ALL good!!
We had a summer FULL of activity, memories, excitement, and PACKING!!!  We traveled by planes, vans, and busses.  We left footprints in the mountains, on the beaches, the prairie and the plains. We collected sea shells and took photographs.  If I wasn't a part of this wonderful family,
I sure would want to be!!
cousins on the beach
family pic

11 years anniversary

ritz swimming

more cousins on the beach

beach love

family at the Corkscrew swamp
Rockies selfie

Naples pool


42 Birthday

yurt love

new house color

pool time

mountain Lupines

10th birthday

camping buddies

target practice
Rockies view

Daddy and his girls building sandcastle

teen love
Gumbo Limbo

yurt shooting

yurt love

roasty toasty

ritz love

swamp love