Saturday, June 16, 2012

We have just finished week 2 of our summer break.  So far, the days have stretched long into the nights.  The theme of "just 5 more minutes" plays non-stop no matter what we are doing.  5 more minutes at the pool; 5 more minutes at the park; 5 more minutes with my friends.  Oh, it is sweet, summer.  There just aren't as many responsibilities, not as many worries. 

Even though the laundry is still filling the hampers and the tummys still need meals prepared, the air of the house is more relaxed.  My garden is blooming and the popsicles are filling the freezer.  Sure signs that we are in the fullw sweeg of summer.  Next week, we are all etiher attending or serving in Vacation Bible School.  It will be a busy week, a full week, a week of blessings. 

Today I bought a couple of new "school" shirts and some socks for my boy and a couple of fall shoes for Meredith.  The plan is to keep them in the bag and bury it underneath the pool towels so we can continue to smother ourselves with summer.

It feels SO good!!!