Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today, I am enjoying "non-events".  Sights, sounds, smells, feelings that I don't take picures of, but make up the majority of my life.  Event's that wouldn't make it into any scrapbook, but are imprinted on this particular season of my life.   On this night, I am enjoying:

* my first grader reading a funny book to me
* daddy and daughter having a paper/rubberband war
* a full dishwasher, signifying every member of the family is HOME
* a yoga class that did postures to Michael W. Smith, Enya  and Cool and the Gang all in the same hour
* time with a BFF
* encouragement through prayer and conversation from same BFF
* the perfect duet of the theme song to Gilmore Girls and the clacking of my knitting needles
* seeing my kiddos faces after school, hearing about the essence of their days
* a hot cup of coffee, perfected with french vanilla syrup
* piano lessons
* the smell of my favorite, fragant, fall candle
* the sounds of little people getting ready for bed
* the cozy covers on my bed, awaiting my arrival
* gorgeous yarn to knit with
* the laughter on "Friends" - my comfort tv
* the noisy chatter coming from all of the other 5 members of my family, a wonderful night to be together