Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Time

Summer life is my favorite.  Scorching days and cooler nights. 
Late bed times and random afternoon naps. 

 I love the feel of sunscreen on my skin and the smell of bug spray wafting from my kids. 
I fold our swimming towels 5 times a day , yet I never tire of their bright colors drying on the clothesline.

We spend our days mostly outside, enjoying the pool and the tramp.

I usually start the day with a walk through my garden, moving slowly so as
 not to miss what changed overnight.
The kids sometimes have slumber parties in each other's rooms; a few of them sleep late in the morning, while the others wake up when the birds start singing.
 I love watching the kids work together while to set up a camping spot; I love listening to them talk tucked behind the thin, tent walls. 
Summer brings us together as more than family, as friends.

Lunch pinics, evening bike rides to the creek, weekend activities. 
 Although the togetherness can be overwhelming at times,  and we ALL need a break,
the values that I am teaching my kids is that family is important;
small moments of kindness towards those you are related to is long-lasting.
Loving your sister and serving your brother is necessary; cheering your young siblings on when they learn to ride their bikes is priceless; offering a dry towel to a cold brother at the pool is showing him love. 
Forgiving each other after an argument or an exchange of harsh words is meaningful.
Working in your little sister's VBS class is memorable.

My heart is full of summer love. 
It is the best season of all!!!
I'm so glad that we have these times together!