Sunday, April 27, 2014

today I am loving ...
*my church
*baking a birthday cake for a friend
*the sun that shone brightly for all of our outdoor activities yesterday
*my new laptop
*that my house is going to be cleaned on Wednesday
*that my mom is sending pictures from Maui for me to enjoy
*my new adventure
*my clients
*this summer vacation coming up
*this song
*these verses
I hope that you are enjoying life today!
I send you many happy thoughts.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

There is SNOW in the forecast for tonight.  SNOW - on April 12th, AFTER my tulips and Daffodils have popped their pretty heads up from the winter, AFTER my favorite plant in my yard has woken up from its winter hibernation, AFTER I have basically put away all of my boots...

 It has been so wonderful having the yard start to bloom, already giving us gardening projects.  All of us are spending as much time outside as we can and the spring fever around here is CONTAGIOUS!!
Yesterday, I made an appointment for a client to come back in 7 weeks.  That day is the last day of school.  I just can't believe that!!  In 7 weeks, the kids will be out of school and SUMMER will be here.  
It feels too good to be true.  And there are so many things that will happen in these next 7 weeks.  It will be busy, busy, busy around here. Soccer games, spelling tests, driving lessons, dance recitals, track meets, daily chores, my NEW BUSINESS GETTING STARTED, Easter and Daddy's birthday!!! Goodness.   I'm imagining a "whooooshing" sound as the time flies by.  WHOOOOSSSSHHHHH!!! 

And even if it snows tonight... I wish you all a very happy Spring.  

Now, I must go dig out a pair of boots to *possibly* wear to church tomorrow...