Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Weekend

 I know it is the weekend because ...

  • I get to sleep in
  • ot breakfast
  • someone in the house takes a nap
  • I get the "pile" on the kitchen counter cleaned up
  • We make a trip to Sams Club
  • bills get paid
  • Daddy is home
  • I get to finish my morning cup of coffee
  • the laundry gets finished
  • the little ones get to watch movies
  • I launder things like towels and rugs
  • a glass of wine and a bottle of beer is a guarantee
  • a meal out happens at least once
  • Patrick does most of the cooking
  • paper plates
  • I get to watch a movie or two
  • no homework
  • good church service
  • extra time lounging in my favorite chair reading
  • I catch up on projects that I started during the week

I caught a little bit of spring fever this past week and got some tulips to brighten up my mood.  I loved seeing their happy faces all week long.   It helped me through the days of freezing temperatures, knowing that Spring is not too far away.