Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Top 10 Memories of this Christmas
10. The snow that just. kept. falling. - I think we got 7 inches. Postponing our Christmas plans with our family. Disappointing but hoping we can reschedule.
9.  Going to the movies - "Night at the Museum"
8.  Christmas Eve Service - Meredith's ballet dance.
7.  Last minute drinks and appetizers with friends (2 days before Christmas)
6.  Cold.  Cold.  Cold.
5.  Daddy's calendar got #1 gift
4.  Finishing our Christmas puzzle
3.  Dinner with Grandma and Grandpop
2.  Receiving over 75 cards from our friends and family in the mail!
1.  One thing you need, one thing you want, one thing to make the world a better place  - This was our gift giving strategy this year.  We drew names and spent all of December planning and talking and giving.  I think it was the BEST thing we've ever done.  We gave money to the Humane Society, Ft. Collins Read Aloud, and Adopt -a-Family.  It was so wonderful to give AND receive this year. 
    Merry Christmas!