Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes, you agree to accompany a child on a school field trip out of persuasion, or guilt, or desire, or at least a small combo package of all three.  There are also times when you just really want to be with your kid, and so you sign on the dotted line, pay your $12 and mark the day on the calendar with a red X.  Today, I went to the Denver Zoo with Michael's kindergarten class.

 100 five and six year olds from our school descended on the zoo in their green t-shirts.  My reasons for going today were less about being persuaded or begged, and more about playing the part of an investigator.  I wanted to see if he has really learned everything that he needs to know about life in kindergarten.  My curiosity had been piqued to know where certain expressions on his face came from and where he picked up "those phrases".  And who IS this girl who chases him at recess and tells him she loves him??  I just needed a little bit of a glimpse into his kindergarten world so off to the zoo I went.

I really wanted to see Michael with his classmates and with his teachers outside of school.  I kept a close eye on his manners and how he treated others, all things a good mama wants to know her child has really learned from her.  However, what choked me up and encouraged me today, were the things that he did naturally that I didn't teach him.  There are things about my boy that are natural; sides to his character that are sweet and caring that weren't ever taught by me.  Tenderness and kindness that you don't learn from a book or a lecture (by mom or a teacher).  His instincts to be out in front of everyone, leading everyone down the path were strong; his very sensitive side to be wronged or offended palpable.     


He was born with a super, rockstar smile, and he laughs and has so much fun with his friends.  He is quite competitive yet  leads his peers with quiet influence. His classmates look up to him to take the next step.   

It was such a joy to spend the day with my almost first grader.  He's got what it takes to be one.  Kindergarten has done him well.  

God is crafting a man out of my son.  He's going to be a great one.