Wednesday, December 5, 2012


If you were to have a camera that could peak into my mind or  into my heart, the view might confuse you.  Is she happy is she sad?  Are things good or are they bad? Is life easy or is it hard?
Well, the truth is, its ALL of that and EVERYTHING in between.

   Its great when we are celebrating holidays and birthdays.  Making big deals out of everyday life is something that I really enjoy.  Creating a comforting home, special traditions, 
gentle snuggles and daily routines.  

Happiness comes from all of these.   

And then I turn the corner and I land on a memory or my heart is tugged by a loss and a cloud of sadness starts to settle.  Its in those moments that I have to be intentional on how long I sit with sadness.  Sadness and disappointment can steal so much from me.  I have let them before, but that is no longer how I want to deal with difficult things.  My mom reminded me a few days ago that the season we are celebrating these days is about HOPE.  And that is where I want to take my sadness about things I can't control, about people whom I miss, about questions I have about faith and love and how we put it all together.    

I want to bring them to the altar of hope.  As I surrender my control of all of the ups and downs, I know that I will see Jesus in however He chooses to answer.  He speaks to me through songs, through scriptures, through other people, through my children.  His blessing of HOPE is all around, I just need to open up my eyes to see it and my heart to accept what IS here, rather than dwelling on what is not.


JOY is why we are celebrating, and HOPE is why my Savior took His place in the manger. 
Come, let us Adore Him.