Monday, June 4, 2012

Today is Meredith's 8th birthday. Few things are more fun as a family than celebrating one of our own. Such has been the case this weekend. Meredith has celebrated for a few days, some with just us, and some with friends. My Meredith is a precious, unique, and special little girl. Every day, she amazes me with her intelligence, her style, her maturity. She has the greatest sense of humor and she is such a ham!! Her personality has so much flair and she comes up with the greatest stories and phrases. I can usually (almost always!) count on Meredith to be easy.  Most days, she just goes with the flow. As her name suggests, she is full of grace. Honestly, she just couldn't be better named. She IS grace, and it was God's grace that Meredith was given to me. I am blessed abundantly to have given birth to Meredith 8 years ago. She is our gift of grace, and today we celebrate her. Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. My life became a better life when you came into it. I love you with my whole heart, dearest Meredith.   I am so blessed to be your mama.