Monday, May 19, 2014

Recently, I became a fitness coach with a top company who markets all of the BIGGIES for the fitness and nutrition industry.  This was a HUGE step of faith, just because I am trying something BRAND SPANKIN' new!!!  I'm not great at BRAND SPANKIN' new.  I'm MUCH better at the old stuff.  The stuff that I'm already (sorta) good at .  But when we don't need faith, because our lives aren't stretched, we get a little bit dry, crusty, stale.  Enter... NEW ADVENTURE!!  So far, I am reading a lot, searching a lot, praying a lot... but I am having FUN!!!  And its exciting, this new stuff :).

In June, the company is releasing a FANTASTIC product called PiYO. (go read all about it!!)    

This is going to ROCK the world of exercise!!  Not only because its FUN, but also because it is going to GET RESULTS!!!! Its a combination of Yoga and Pilates, strength training, cardio, flexibility.  You are going to LOVE it because its going to make you a SUpEr Girl!!!
As soon as this workout becomes available (which is going to be in mid-June) there are going to be MEGA people talking about it!!  Do you want to be one of those who gets in on the action??? AND gets super strong and committed to a healthy lifestyle??  If so, email me at, or contact me on Facebook and I will get you into our Challenge Group as soon as we start!!  

What is a Challenge Group, you ask??  Well, its a group of like-minded girls like YOU, who join a private Facebook group and we work together for a specific number of days to accomplish our goals!  I will provide coaching, motivation and some fun recipes and fitness tips.  You will provide... well, YOU (and a friend!!!)!!!  

It's going to be GRRRRREEEEAAAATTTTT!!!  Lets do PiYo together!!  

So excited!!