Tuesday, August 17, 2010

three down, one to go!

First grade got it's fair share of fun today in the form of Meredith.  Her report at the end of the day was:

" I broke my snowglobe"
"Mrs. Lee has lots of good ideas"
"Carson wouldn't play with me"
"I ate my whole sandwich"
"Tomorrow is my favorite special, technology"  Mommy asks - "Why?"  Meredith answers - "because we are PLAYING on the computer even though we are at school"
"I want to stay on green"
"I'm so tired"

Maddie blessed fourth grade with her sweet smile and her zany sense of style.  I think she was the cutest little 4th grader in the building.  Her report was as follows:

"I made a new friend"
" I miss Mrs. Shamis (her third grade teacher) but Mrs. Davenport (her fourth grade teacher) is now my favorite teacher.  She is the prettiest teacher in the school"
"Mrs. Davenport told me that she loved my outfit"
"I'm going to be organized this year"  (followed by clapping from mommy!!)
"Rosie and Nicole and I met at the green pole for first recess"
"I'm so glad that I didn't get hot lunch"
"I already have homework"

Both of the girls had happy days at school.  They are tired, tired, tired tonight!! 

Marky survived her first "real" day of middle school with reports of disdain regarding the slow poke who resides in the locker beneath her, love of the teriaki chicken that she had for lunch, and huge amounts of praise and appreciation for her great teachers (especially Mr. Wheeler who tends to use the word *butt* quite frequently).

So grateful for my kids, their teachers and our great schools.  It's Michael's turn in just 2 days!