Monday, October 17, 2011

Today is a windy, fall day.  The leaves are falling onto grass that is still green, thanks to our Indian summer.  Earlier this morning, we had rain.  It wasn't cold, but it was wet.  And it was nice to be a little cooler.  I, who loves summer more than anything in the world, might just be ready for the weather to turn cooler.  To back up this declaration, I put flannel sheets on our bed this morning.  You won't be able to accuse me of having favorites!!!  However, I might just need to go try out one of those spray tans as every speckle of color left over from our summer has disappeared from this body.  

 I've been savoring pictures lately.   Last weekend, we took a trip to my mom and dad's house for our annual family photo session.  All family members were excited to make the journey east and actually were "up" for taking pictures.  Everyone obliged me in the outfit I picked out for them, and with happy smiley (mostly!) faces, we documented another special time together.  My dad is so wonderful to do this for us, and I love all of the pictures that he took.

For the past week, I have soaking up each photographed moment, memorizing the look of my kids at their present ages.  The pictures tell a story, of a family put together over time, glued together by hope, touched up with love and making it through each day by faith.  Faith that WE were meant to be. Believing that every bit of every one of us matters.  That our pieces and parts, genuine and imperfect, make the whole package of a family.  Our family.   A package of 6 people wrapped up together; un-returnable and non-exchangeable.  We are committed to finding out what's best in each of us, and putting up with what is worst.  I look into the eyes of the people I love in these pictures and gratitude surges through my heart.  Gratitude that extends  far beyond the minor annoyances and hurts that inevitably swirl around being in relationships. I am thankful that I get to be the mom and the wife.

 As late-October approaches, we are gearing up for the busiest season of our family.  Opportunities to make memories and laugh together.  Events over-crowd the schedule horizon, weekends are marked up on the calendar from here until after New Years.  I long to be present, aware of each moment that comes my way.  I want to embrace both the challenges and the celebrations.  The package it all adds up to be is the greatest gift of my life.  Our home and our family - so grateful.