Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nostalgia Moment

Yesterday, I drove up behind a small SUV.  I could see  that there was an infant car seat occupying the middle of the back seat.  A wave of  "I remember that" washed over me.  I remembered the feeling of overwhelemedness that infant car-seats produced in me.  The fact that I had to do everything for my babies.  I also remembered the snuggly way that I could nuzzle my babies faces when they laid on their backs looking up at me. The fact that I could make my babies smile and giggle with just a tiny gesutre.   I was in complete control of their lives, well mostly, and that comes with its positives and negatives for sure!!     When the kiddos were super little, I never had to worry about my children running out into the street, or seeing something inappropriate on the internet.  I didn't have to think about whether their grades were good, or their friends were the right ones or whether their self-esteem was rock solid.  The flip side of that coin is that I also never got to have interesting conversations with my kids when they were tiny.  I didn't get to see the world through their eyes, hear how they approach their relationships, what they enjoy about their teachers and friends and classes.  As my kids go through stages, their mom goes through stages too.  Every few months, I feel a change in the air with one or more of the kids.  Its exhilarating and exciting and exhausting all at the same time.  I love this gig - its really the best job in the world!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

She turned 13, He turned 8!!

Our family has 2 more celebrations more than most people added to the last week of the year.  Maddie's birthday and Michael's birthday.  Special celebrations of very special kiddos!!

Maddie turned 13 and Michael turned 8.

Maddie went roller skating all afternoon and had friends over for her birthday.
Michael played soccer and spent time with friends for his birthday.
Both celebrations were so much fun and full of things that the kids loved.

Maddie has such a heart of joy.  I can hear her laugh all over the house, and it is a contagious one.  She is a very emotional, social person who is friendly and generous to almost everyone she is around.  I love being with Maddie because there is never a moment of quiet.  She is talking, or laughing, or asking, or arguing, or crying, or giggling the entire time that we are together.  She brings a smile to my face.

Michael is my thoughtful, compassionate child.  He is serious and reserved in one moment, and than crazy and wacky in the next.  He is intelligent and his perspective on life is very mature.  Michael can build a Lego set faster than anyone I know.  He is organized and focused on everything that he does.  This little boy is growing up into a sensitive, kind young man.

It is a blessing to parent both of these children.  They both challenge me to be my best.  They both add so much fun to our family.

Happy Birthday blessings to you, Maddie and Michael.

Mama loves you!!!!!