Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10, 2011

Sandwiched in between the rough days,  there are the good days.  Days with extra special activities penciled in on the calendar.  A memorable moment that begs to be photographed and celebrated with a plain cheeseburger Happy Meal (with apples and a Sprite, please).  We've been talking about today for about a month, causing excitement and anticipation to build.   Today we registered Michael for


Actually, this event is probably much more thrilling for me than for Michael, but he put on his "let's make Mommy happy smile" and indulged my over-the-top enthusisam.
He reminded me in the halls at school, as I was repeating AGAIN my morning mantra of
"isn't this exciting?"
that we are supposed to be quiet in the halls. 
He shusshed me.  5years old and shusshed his mama. 

Guess he already knows all the rules.
Maybe he should just stay home for another year...

Nah, just kidding!!!