Sunday, October 31, 2010


My best Friend, Protector and Helper
great husband,  Awesome Dad,
Good son,
faithful worker and friend 
quiet, mysterious, wise
thoughtful, compassionate

A trick or treat weekend!

We've been celebrating Halloween since Thursday, when Michael got to wear his costume to school. Oh he is just so cute as Darth Vader. 


Friday, I spent the afternoon with a darlin cowgirl and a beautiful fairy.  The girls had a parade around their school, and a  party in their classrooms. 

Halloween has become quite the celebrated holiday.  We will have more costuming tonight as we make our way around the neighborhood.  Typically, in Colorado, October 31 is very wet and cold, either with rain or snow.  The weather has been beautiful so the kids might not even need to wear coats!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful things!!

Ahhhh... beautiful!

I have loved Tracy Porter's art for a long time, but I had no idea that she made clothing!  How  I love everything she does!!! A great place to take a short break and enjoy looking at some beautiful things.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Girl Scout

Maddie is a Girl Scout.  The official kind.  The sash wearing, badge earning, campfire lighting kind.  AND she loves it!!!  Maddie was a brownie for 3 years, and is now a jr. girl scout.   I love the smile that she has when I pick her up from her meetings.  She learns about community service, crafts, skills all within the realm of "GIRL POWER".  Tonight, her troop went across the street to the neighboring homes to "Trick or treat" for canned goods.  Their activity was to benefit our local food bank, a very worthwhile cause.    The little girls that are in her troop are so cute and they are all such good friends. My little Girl Scout makes me so proud!!      

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pop tarts and popcorn

Tonight we are having pop tarts and popcorn for supper.  It's just the little ones and myself, and nobody is particularly hungry.  The weather outside is rainy and gloomy, causing us to seek comfort from the tastes and smells and feelings inside.  I just washed our flannel sheets and can't wait to get all snugged up for the night.  Meredith just read a funny book to Michael and me and the doggies are near to us,  happy that they aren't being forced outside.

Last week, I had a magical time at the pumpkin patch with Michael.  He is so darling, and so different at school than he is at home.  He was the leader of the class (and the teacher),  a tad bossy, confident and self assured.  The shy little boy that I often see in front of strangers and such was no where to be seen.  Michael led his class through the maze, showed them where to go and where not to go, reminded his friends of the rules, and made sure that his teacher new if someone wasn't following them.  The other thing I noticed is that he is very helpful, and also quite sensitive to the little girls in his class.  He makes sure they are okay, even putting his hand on them protectively... or possessively... I wasn't sure.     I was happy to be with him on this field trip to enjoy him, but also thrilled to gain this perspective on my sweet son.  It is so fun to look past today and into tomorrow wondering about the man that God has planned for him to be. For now, I will be thankful for each moment that I get to spend with my little guy.  I wish that he could stay little for a long, long time.    

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday afternoon,  I took a time out.  It was very unlike me to do this, but afterwards I was so glad that I made that choice.  There is a battle that goes on in me every day with the opponents of "should do" and "must do".  This day, I chose to fight side by side of what I "should do", which was to sit with Michael.  I was driving home from lunch and Michael fell asleep.  He had played hard over the weekend and was exhausted.  I lifted him out of the car and carried him to my favorite spot to sit in the garden.  I rocked him and closed my own eyes, knowing that the alarm I set on my phone would wake us both up in an hour if I fell too fast asleep.  It was heavenly sitting there soaking up the autumn sun, not quite as hot as it was a month ago.  The aspens were giggling together in a slight breeze, and the mums that are blooming in the garden looked so happy.  I asked myself why I didn't do this more often?  It felt so good to sit and be still and quiet.  I'm so thankful that Mr. Should fought harder yesterday.  Often it is what I want to do, but sometimes the hollering voice of the "must dos" seems so much louder than the peaceful whisper of the "shoulds".  Priorities - choices that I have to make every day about what is most important.  Because I can feel time speeding up every minute, and the days that I can hold my baby on my lap for an hour will  soon disappear.  I am cherishing the moments I spent with him yesterday.  Ah... joy...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As I write, I can smell my pumpkin scented candle and hear the new Tinker Bell movie playing in the living room.  Every now and then I hear the kids talk with one another or giggle, reminding me that everyone is home.  The night isn't exciting, but it is cozy and welcoming, and quite ordinary.  I will take ordinary - in fact I prefer it.  Earlier, the cool breeze outside was blowing in through an open window in the bedroom.  We have FALL happening here, and if I had a nickel for every time someone has voiced "I LOVE FALL!" this past week, I would have stacks of Jefferson covered coins all over my messy counter.  Autumn in Colorado is so lovely you almost can't come up with the right words.  The changing leaves, the haze-covered mountains, the harvested fields walled in by neighboring houses.  It is perfect, it is ours.  I love the beach - I love the sand and the waves and the hot, hot sun.  But to really experience fall, I have to be home.  HOME - where we know that the tall aspen tree in the back yard turns red at the tippy top first; where my asters spread their lazy arms out over the driveway stretching out for what's left of the bees and afternoon sun; where the wide field behind our house cries out for a tractor to come bale it's produce; where the pumpkin vines curl up and over the fence on the south side of the house making us wait until the very last second to pick our favorite one.  We start the day in sweaters and end up in our shorts and tanks.  As much as I often crave being way down south at my favorite beach, these are the moments I am content to be home.  Because there's no place like it right now.

Thank you for coming to visit, dear FALL.  Feel free to hang out for a while! Come plan our costumes with us and make our piles of leaves along side us.  Teach us to slow down and cozy up; to hug more and sigh less; to embrace your candied corn, your early sun sets and your orange hued sunrises.  Your sounds and scents remind us to savor life.  We will cherish you until the snow falls and we have to say a temporary goodbye.  Until then...