Friday, April 17, 2015


OHHHH!!! Let me tell you about my day!  So much disappointment, betrayal, anger, frustration, sadness... I could go on and on!!!   Oh -  and so much stress!!  And It's only noon!!

Well, actually.  Now I'm convicted.

Maybe I shouldn't tell you about any of those things. 

Because really, my morning has been all about my reaction to these things.  My perspective on these things.  And I started down the path to negativity and darkness, that familiar ledge where hope disappears from sight.  But then I remembered all that I have been learning about my Jesus and His fierce love for me, His steadfast belief in me, His unchanging character during difficult times.

So instead,  I will share with you the only truth that I know and believe with all of my heart.

Hebrews 13:8
"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

God is STILL the same God that I poured out my heart to this morning in a quiet moment with just Him and my coffee.  That quiet moment before any of the other people in my world woke up; before my own stumbles;  before the sin of the world got me down. 

He is always the same and can be relied upon no matter what I'm facing.  Even during the deepest disappointments or hurt, this verse from Hebrews is the TRUTH.  Jesus doesn't ever change based on my circumstances. Therefore, I can stop stressing, stop hurting, stop worrying.  

And so.

I will just do the next right thing. 

Which looks a little bit like laundry.