Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Tonight I am thankful for:

*new books
*beautiful fall weather
*a fun football game
*finished laundry and clean sheets

*an excited 5th grader
*all of my faithful friends
*the book of Jonah

*caring parents
*school hot lunch

*a programmable coffee pot
*that I get to be the mom

*Tuesday and Wednesday nights at home
*the mercy of my Heavenly Father, which is new every morning

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm sitting in my garden on a quiet Saturday morning.  I can hear the asters and mums reminding me that they have beauty too - just because they don't bloom in June doesn't mean they can be overlooked.  Near to me is a pot of pansies and petunias that avoided being eaten by grasshoppers or scorched by the hot August sun. Their scent and color are providing an extension of summer - my first love.  However, coming in at a close second is Autumn.  The briskness in the air assures me that fall is peeking around the corner.  I love the falling leaves, and I love the coler.  I truly appreciate (are you listening?) the fall flowers that splash my garden with color. 

Fall means that soccer is here, and for my little guy, that is the best season of the year!  It brings ECO-week for my 5th grader.  She can't wait.  Middle school football games are the highlight of my oldest daughters week.  Meredith can't wait to wear her jeans and new sweaters.  All over the house we are filled with delight that this beloved time of year is upon us.

With all the kids in school, this mama is trying to find her rhythym.  I love the enthusiasm with which my kiddos come home to me, showing me that it is necessary that they are all in school.  I love enjoying the house being tidy for more than a few minutes at a time.  I love the moments of quiet that have been gifted to me.  HOWEVER, I haven't yet settle into a routine. I don't know where God wants me to be used, where He needs me to be an influencer.  I keep waiting for a knock on the door with a package to arrive that contains clear directions on what is next.  Should I work? Should I serve more? Do I have to bake? How many times should I straighten up the house? How many hours should I volunteer at school?  I am apprehensive at getting over-extended because I have relationships that I want to nurture, and now I have time to do that.  Lunch with one friend, knitting with another, Bible Study with a group of ladies from church, coffee with a mentor, prayer time with other special friends, alone time reading.  These are the things that are filling my days and I want them to be enough.  I want the Lord to be pleased with how I use my time. The kids come home in  need and by 4:00 every afternoon,  the crazy starts.  Is it okay that from 9-4 there is a peace flowing, establinshing a foundation for the afternoon busyness?    

As I sit here in the quiet, asking these questions, I feel in my heart that peace is gift.  "Go after that" is what I sense.  I will ponder what that means as we leave soon to attend Michael's soccer game.  He is so good.  It is so much fun to watch him finally have his own thing.  Last week, his sister's (and me, who are we kidding!) were the loudest group of cheerleaders on the sideline. Unfamiliar with his name being yelled at the top of our voices,  he frequently looked at us like we were NUTS.  I later explained to him that we were cheering for him, telling him that he was doing a good job, not yelling at him to get his attention.  His shirt has 2 sides to it and that intrigued him alot last week.  All of the boys were overly-interested in the fact that their shirts were really 2 in 1. Hopefully by this week, their focus will be more on the field and less with the complexness of their jersey.  Keeping 5-6 year old boys focused for 45 minutes - WHAT a task!!!  I'm looking forward to the game to see what happens.