Monday, August 30, 2010

returning to Happy

I have a back log of thoughts because I took a blogging break last week.  Some months, life kicks you in the gut.  or the pants.  or both, as has been my recent experience.  And then you have to figure out how to stand back up again and keep walking.  Injured yet alive.  Bruised yet breathing.  That is what this month has been.  I have decided to pack up August a day early.  Goodbye, ugly August.  You were not kind to me.  I'm going to put it into it's little box and set if high up on a shelf.  High enough so that the difficult things that plagued the month wlll fade into distant memory. Over the last month, I forgot how to be happy. Amnesia of the heart.  Does that ever happen to you?? I temporarily forgot that my life is directed by God and that I don't have to have all of the answers.  I misplaced my faith and began trusting in what was within sight.  My vision became cloudy, my intentions and focus obsolete.  I began fixating on all that was wrong and all that I didn't have. I allowed unkindness and feeling forgotten to define my moods and my demeanor, causing impatience and grouchiness to reign.   The places of disappointment in my heart were taking up more than their alloted space, crowding out the good things and making them almost invisible.  Oh, this is not the way to live!  Because the TRUTH is, that there is so much good .  Our weeked proved it.  We spent time in the  mountains enjoying God's beautiful creation.  We played at the pool, laughed and read and talked and participated in all of the goodness that is our life.  The time together was nourishing and refreshing.  There were smiles as we joined our hearts to form the circle of family.  Our family.  And THAT is the biggest reason to return to happy. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last but not least!

1st day of preschool

and after a very long, but very wonderful week, we all feel like THIS

Have a super good weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Did you hear the news?
I'm going to preschool tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

three down, one to go!

First grade got it's fair share of fun today in the form of Meredith.  Her report at the end of the day was:

" I broke my snowglobe"
"Mrs. Lee has lots of good ideas"
"Carson wouldn't play with me"
"I ate my whole sandwich"
"Tomorrow is my favorite special, technology"  Mommy asks - "Why?"  Meredith answers - "because we are PLAYING on the computer even though we are at school"
"I want to stay on green"
"I'm so tired"

Maddie blessed fourth grade with her sweet smile and her zany sense of style.  I think she was the cutest little 4th grader in the building.  Her report was as follows:

"I made a new friend"
" I miss Mrs. Shamis (her third grade teacher) but Mrs. Davenport (her fourth grade teacher) is now my favorite teacher.  She is the prettiest teacher in the school"
"Mrs. Davenport told me that she loved my outfit"
"I'm going to be organized this year"  (followed by clapping from mommy!!)
"Rosie and Nicole and I met at the green pole for first recess"
"I'm so glad that I didn't get hot lunch"
"I already have homework"

Both of the girls had happy days at school.  They are tired, tired, tired tonight!! 

Marky survived her first "real" day of middle school with reports of disdain regarding the slow poke who resides in the locker beneath her, love of the teriaki chicken that she had for lunch, and huge amounts of praise and appreciation for her great teachers (especially Mr. Wheeler who tends to use the word *butt* quite frequently).

So grateful for my kids, their teachers and our great schools.  It's Michael's turn in just 2 days!


Monday, August 16, 2010

What the weekend brought

*back to school night for Michael at preschool
*party for Daddy's work
*putt-putt golf
*dinner and a movie night
*taco bell lunch after church
*great church service
*getting ready for school to begin this week
* Daddy came home
*opportunity to serve a friend with some yard work and house work
* awesome family time

Time - It has flown!!

1st day of Kindergarten 2004

1st day of middle school - 2010

We love you Marky - moo!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Summer slurp

We are trying to "slurp" every last drop out of our summer.  Our week began with a celebration as we welcomed Marky and Maddie back home.  All of us were so excited to see them and hug them and tell them about what they missed while they were away from us.  Topping the list was the news from Meredith that she swallowed a penny.  (we are still waiting on the penny's reappearance).  The family was complete until Daddy had to leave again, but it was so great to have us all under the same roof for a few precious hours.

We've been swimming, shopping,  packing backpacks, biking, sharpening pencils, decorating notebooks, having Sonic picnics, and celebrating completed vaccinations to name a few ways that we've spent our days.  Middle school starts on Monday, elementary on Tuesday and preschool on Thursday.  What will Thursday afternoon be like, I am wondering!!???  Never have I known hours like those that are around the bend.  6 hours a week, approximately 24 hours a month.  WHAT???  What will I do with my little self???  Marky was making a list for me today.... she said, "you could have lunch with your friends or with Daddy, you could knit, you could read,".  It was very sweet listening to her "plan" my free-time! 

Marky got a new bike, and so we took it on a ride over to her new school.  She was so happy, riding her new purple bike with her coordinating helmet.  Maddie was thrilled to go on a ride with her because something about a cool, older sister makes you cooler too.  Take it from me, I know these things. Tuesday, Marky attended her middle school registration and got her locker.  Excitement city!!!  She was nervous about the combination lock, but she rocked it each time she tried it.  Tomorrow, she is meeting some of her friends to have a locker decorating "bash".  Little sisters have been invited, so that's a relief.

These weeks of summer have flown by.  It seems like ages ago that we were relaxing by the Gulf in Florida, all traces of a schedule gone.   Decorating my laptop screen is a picture of my favorite view of the beach and the ocean from our hotel.   Every time I open it, I literally take a deep, relaxing breath remembering the wonderful week that we spent there in June.  And now, the middle of August awaits us , teasing us with the unknowns,  and comforting us with so much that is familiar.  The time between our Florida vacation and now has vanished.  Coming up is our annual "Sunday night before school starts trek to the Zach playground",  new friends, old friends, new teachers, new experiences, old nuisances, and new victories.    We lift our empty cup of summer, it's contents slurped through the straw of LIFE and  anticipate all that is before us in the next few weeks.  We welcome you, school year 2010 - 2011.You've been whispering that you've been coming and we respond back to you now with a loud HIP HIP HOORAY!!!