Monday, March 4, 2013

 Daisies are my favorite flowers.  They are cheerful and in my imagination they smile at me. 
The weather forecast was for more snow over the next few days ,
 so I went and bought some sunshine to put some happy into our home.
 Last Monday, I noticed that this plant that hangs out in our bathroom was blooming.
It only blooms a couple of times a year.  The scent gives it away a few days before it actually blooms.  It is one of my favorite plants and brings hope that spring is on its way!

This weekend, we had company.  My sweet sister-in-law brought me this beautiful purple plant.
It is now gracing the counter of one of my favorite little spots in my house.  
 It is so wonderful to have blooming plants around.   Plants have so many similarities to life.
The other day, one of the girls and I were talking about the snow.  We discussed how it is covering the ground and how we were waiting for the day that spring comes and the snow melts.  And then it occurred to me that right now is when the magic happens underground.   We wouldn't have the magic and loveliness of spring without the wet and cold of winter, so maybe I should have patience with it rather than wishing it away.  Sometimes my heart needs the reminder that the magic is going on in me too, even though it might be happening on the inside where nobody can see.  And in time, when conditions are ideal, the magic produces blossoms.