Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The month of November is closing.  We've kissed Thanksgiving goodbye and we've spent many moments celebrating our sweet Marky - moo.  At 13 years old, my precious first-born is such a special girl.  She is incredibly artistic.  She is beautiful.  She is courageous and intuitive. 
I love listening to her process things.  She is wise beyond 13. 
 She has fashion sense that would make Stacey and Clinton proud.

Music flows from this girl.  She loves to sing and play the piano.
Her favorite store is I-tunes.   

 Her heart expands to include others and she has such a sensitive spirit towards people that she loves. 
She loves God and delights in following Him with her heart.

 I couldn't be more proud of who Marky is.  Every day I am blessed by her presence in my life.  I absolutely enjoy her as much as I love her.  Marky introduced me to true love.   She came into my life, and I have never been the same.  My values are different, my priorities have changed.  I see so much of life differently since I became a mother when Marky was born. 

Thirteen BEAUTIFUL years is just the first layer of color on this portrait that God is painting of my lovely daughter. I am absolutely, completely in love with you, my dearest Marky. 

You are a PERFECT first pancake!!
Happy 13th Birthday to you.    

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