Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sometimes I forget...

  • how blessed I am
  • what being "really tired" REALLY felt like
  • what using both of my hands feels like
  • that the petty stuff doesn't really matter
  • what a hot summer day feels like
  • that I need to take a deep breath
  • that even I need new undies
  • that an "I'm sorry" goes a long way   
  • how fast the Christmas season goes by
  •  how quickly time passes
  • how fast clothes get wrinkled
  • how amazing a long friendship is
  • how sad being alone was
  • how lovely the sand feels between my toes
  • how little the mess matters
  • the last time I stopped worrying was
  • what being relaxed feels like
  • what an empty heart really felt like
  • how kind people are
  • how lovely life can be when I focus on all of the good!

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