Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It wasn't like it was a weekend to go nuts over, BUT nuts I went!!  
The agenda held events that we did as a family, AND an overnight date for me and my man, where we dressed up and had a few minutes to ourselves.

A piano recital and some Christmas caroling, ice skating and party going, 

Christmas movies, sparkly drinks and family slumber parties.  
Every moment fit together to make a holiday picture worth remembering.  

We are 5 days from Christmas, we have 2 days left of school and I have about 8 more little odds and ends to wrap up before I completely finish my to-do list.  
We have one more concert, one performance on Christmas Eve, and one birthday to round out this twelfth month of 2011.   
December has been busy, but we have found Joy in the activity of this season.
Joy is what we try to pursue here around our house.  
As we chase it down and grab onto the moments that fit the Joy-bill, 
stuffing memories into our pockets, I am reminded 
that the effort is always worth it.  

Going after Joy in the midst everything else that goes on in our lives 
isn't always easy or convenient, 
but I am always glad 
when I make an attempt at Joy; when I make a conscious effort
to celebrate, notice, remember, and delight in the things that are going on around me.  

I always know that the Giver of all Joy is right there, ready to add the finishing touches, 
the perfecting touches to any effort that I put forth.  
He takes what little I have to give and makes it into something beautiful.
I herald with the angels...
"Glory to God in the highest!!"

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