Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Most of my days are fairly predictable.  Few surprises, not many upsets, not much -to- write- home- about.  However, this week has been anything BUT that!!!  I have had one fun thing after another on the calendar, and I am tireder and happier than usual.   Tired because I've been on the go, and happier because more than once, I've gotten to put on my fancy shoes and lipstick,  backing out of the driveway with grown up music playing on my car stereo!  I've gotten to help friends, go on a field trip, hold babies, host parties, toast friends, celebrate birthdays, and the fun continues into the weekend when I get to travel to the mountains for an overnight trip with some new friends.  Its rare for me to go out of town, but boy am I looking forward to it!!!  A month ago, I coordinated wtih Patrick's schedule for him to be home so that I could leave, and the weeks of looking forward to this trip have moved so quickly that I can hardly beleive it's here!

Last weekend, we celebrated Marky's 12th birthday by spending the night at a hotel.  She and her friends had the best time in their own room (with me next door!) playing their music, telling their stories, laughing, putting on makeup, eating junk food, texting other friends, and many other pre-teen time spenders.  We swam and sat in the hot tub, watched a movie in our room and ate yummy food in the hotel dining room.  Saturday we shopped and ate and laughed some more.  Marky and her sweet girl friends were so much fun, and the special time that I got to spend with them was priceless.  Maddie was my shopping buddy for the day, and I was overjoyed to hold her little hand as we walked a few steps behind big sister so as not to "intrude".  I was so thankful that my Maddie-girl is still young.

We are well into the middle of the annual marathon of  acticvity that happens at our house between Halloween and New Years.  Holidays, birthdays, and the schedule juggling that occurs over a very short period of time can cause this mama to want to pull the shades and lock the doors until Valentines.  But each year around this time, I try to re-evaluate my priorities,  remember all that I have to be thankful for, and put on my happy face even when it's not feeling just so. The fun that we have will be what will stick with the kids and I need to make them the focus.  A few days away is just what I need to help me gain that perspective. 

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