Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monotony and Glory. 

 Two extremes that are the see-saw on the playground of my everyday.  The monotony of packing lunches, cleaning up messes, doling out consequences, reminding the brother not to hit the sister, driving the well-worn road back and forth to 3 schools, keeping track of homework, reading logs, due dates and appointments.  Looks monotonous through one lens.  Then, I notice something extraordinary peeking over monotony's shoulder and I carefully zoom in.  I see glory starting to come into focus. 

Michael asked Jesus into his heart two weeks ago - GLORY!   
An invitation for a weekend away  - GLORY!
A pre-school field trip to the Farm - GLORY!! 
A sister who volunteers to read her little sister's favorite book to her - GLORY!
A shared laugh with a middle school daughter - GLORY!
Time spent with good friends over a simple lunch - GLORY!
Army guys, lego parts and matchbox cars in my hands playing with my 4 year old counterpart - GLORY!
A surprise encouragement from my sweet mom - GLORY!
An new 80 year old friend - GLORY!
A promise from the book of Psalms to soothe an anxious heart - more GLORY!
The Lord's Prayer being learned by Michael, said in his sweet child voice - GLORY!

When I turn my focus to whats behind the scenes I discover so much  glory tucked in and around the monotony. It's asking for attention if I will just open my eyes, ears, and heart to behold it.

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  1. Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by - may I first say that you are adorable! Love your look - and I love that quote by Mother Teresa...LOVE IT. Thanks again - you have a beautiful family!