Thursday, September 16, 2010

Little Blessings

Yesterday, my mom and I were talking about paying attention to the ways that God blesses us, in spite of when our circumstances seem less than ideal.  I woke up this morning, determined in my heart to be intentional about this goal all day long.  One of the ways that God blessed me today was through the sunrise.  It was perfect, it was pink and it was beautiful.  Another blessing happened upon me through my Michael.  Twice this week he has brought home art projects with his Bible verse of the week on it.  The verse is Psalm 145: 13  "The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made".  Both times when Michael handed me his creation of the day, complete with a rainbow, an ark, and animals (both cracker and drawn)  I stopped and read the verse that was written under the rainbow.  How I have needed this verse.  God gave it to me twice this week.  Keep trusting.  The third blessing for the afternoon was that Marky didn't even HAVE homework today.  What a gift from the LORD.  I was stressing out over a situation regarding her homework and her youth group this evening, and God took care of it for me by making it so she didn't even have any homework.

"Praise you, my God, for your many blessings.  both big and little.  Forgive me when I overlook the little things."  

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