Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation Time!

For the past few days, we've been doing the "get ready to leave" dance.  This dance is filled with combination moves,  some graceful, others not. Twirls of remembering things to pack followed by turns of the lists lining the kitchen counters of things not to forget.  Other things, we want to forget.  To leave behind, if only for a week, the rough stuff.  We know that it won't go away, but at least we can get away from it for a bit.  That's what vacation is for!  

Patrick and I are great dance partners.  "Did you remember to cancel the milk" - spin, "Do you need a new swim suit" - spin, "Have you paid the electric bill" - dip, "Why yes, honey, that's all taken care of"- big finish.  We work so well together getting ready for a trip, if you don't count all of the freak-out moments that he has to endure of mine of what's not going to get finished or cleaned or emptied or organized.  Why is it that right before you leave town for a week (maybe I'm the only one like this!), everything becomes so urgent?  Mow the grass, cut the hair, clean out the closet, wash the sheets, organize the files, re-paint the bedroom... oh that can wait...weed the flower beds, water the garden, make a list, check it 3 times.  Prioritizing to-dos isn't my strong suit, and when it comes to leaving our home for a week, I have to do much self-talk to set things aside for when I get back.  Because, those walls will still want to be re-painted when I get home!

So, instead, I've been trying to focus my efforts of the things that actually pertain to vacation.  Get the sunscreen, grab my new book,  charge the I-pods, pack the birthday presents, pack the camera, include 18 swimsuits (3 for each) and organzine 13 pieces of luggage.  The most important thing on my list is for us to have an amazing time together as a family - a priority I hope to have no trouble with.  We will celebrate 2 birthdays (Meredith's and mine), re-visit favorite spots, canoe down a new river, hug extended family members, relax under the Florida sun and watch it go down over our favorite ocean.

The day ahead is a busy one, and I imagine that it will be filled with so much anticipation that none of us will be able to sleep tonight.  And with excited hearts, bright and early tomorrow morning we will say goodbye to our pets, so-long to the veggies and flowers, and we will say hello to Summer 2010.  We welcome you.


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