Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 1

After a long day of travel, Florida has welcomed us with it's hot temperatures and sticky climate.  Even though our travel day was long, it was really good.  Every leg of the trip was smooth and predictable.  After much fun on the plane, crazy-people-watching in the airports, and 200 snacks and drinks later we arrived.  The kids travel so well.  They really are experts at it, and I am always so proud of them when we travel.  Usually,  I am the one who needs a time-out some time during the day, impatient with typical airline annoyances and tired from long day/ late-night preparations for the trip. But with 1700 miles behind us, exciting days ahead of us, we are quite happy to be here.  

Last night, we went swimming, ordered yummy Italian take-out from  Carrabbas, jumped on the beds, watched the Disney channel, annoyed each other, and went to sleep faster than we ever have. 
We have woken up with have dewy skin and curly hair, and we are anticipating what our first day will bring us. The most exciting thing about today, June 3rd, is that it's Meredith's birthday!  She is 6 today, and is as cute as ever.  She told me this morning that she feels taller because she is 6.  Patrick is an amazing trip planner and has fun things in store for us each day.  In a minute we will begin re-packing up our 13 pieces of luggage, loading our red rental van, and heading further south.  It's going to be a great day!!!  I can feel it... along with the HOT temps.  This Colorado girl, cold from our long winter and wet spring, is inviting the HEAT to warm my insides up!!! 


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  1. Your trip already sounds fun. Makes me want to board a plane with my crew soon!! Have a great time as a family.