Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3

Our little Meredith Grace turned 6 today.  She has had the best day ever, celebrating in many ways.  She has been sung to a few times, opened some gifts, eaten yummy treats, played hard, and been loved on by her family.  My birthday is also in June, and as a kid (AND as an adult!) I had many birthdays while the family was on vacation.  So, I learned from my mom (the queen of all things celebratory) the art of making sure that your daughter feels special and celebrated on her birthday, even while not at home.  Meredith was pretty surprised when I pulled out gifts that I had wrapped (thank you Sarah!) and stowed away in my suitcase.  We had her birthday dinner at Chili's to ensure a noisy, racous, off-key birthday song to end the meal.  Following the song, she got a yummy birthday browie, which we all helped her devour.  Add to this fun day swimming, and more Disney channel, and you have one happy six year old. 

Tonight,  I asked Daddy what he remembered about the day that Meredith was born.  We both recalled eating blueberries while I was in labor, my mom and our doula being at the delivery, he remembered the warm blankets that the nurses kept bringing him (huh?!). We talked about the head of black hair that Meredith was born with, her dark skin, but most memorable of all, the look on her face as she stared up at him, her daddy, when she graced the world with her adorable presence.  This is a look that marks her sweet little face on a daily basis.  She was literally born with it.   
Happy Birthday, dear girl.
You are one of a kind
and we are blessed by you every day. 

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  1. It looks like she had a wonderful birthday! So, what was in the American Girl box?

    P.S. Your hair is super cute!!!