Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just the 3 of us

Tonight was a night that wasn't "supposed" to be, but I'm so thankful that it GOT to be.  Usually, I am at Bible Study on Thursday nights, the 2 little ones are at home with a sitter or Daddy, and the big girls are away.  Tonight, neither babysitter or Daddy was available, and so it was just the three of us.  We decided to have a dinner picnic, set out the necessary utencils, and then proceded to act silly.  I needed to laugh.  I really needed to chill out.  Meredith and Michael provided the entertainment for both and half-way through our pizza, we were all giggling!!  Even though I missed my normal Thursday evening routine, I am really thankful that I had this night at home with my youngest cubs.  It was exactly what I needed - a few hours of unwinding after a very wound up week/month.  I feel like I was able to catch my breath being at home tonight.   There's nothing better than ending a day tired and happy with unplanned moments of wonderful tucked away in your heart.

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