Saturday, January 30, 2010

All knowing -

that would be Meredith.  Or Meredith Grace as she is known (and LOVED) at school. ( There are 2 little girls named Meredith in her class so our Meredith goes by Meredith Grace.  She is the most popular girl at school... or so she will tell you.) Her best friends at school are Carson and Jacob.  Carson "went to the mountains" last week and Jacob "throwed up", so MG was a little lost at school because they were gone.    She is so excited because this week they are celebrating 100s day at school.  Last week, she got to have a pajama day, including the fun of bringing a stuffed animal friend.  She has learned to read and is taking every book she can get her hands on by STORM.   If only I had known when I was a kindergartner to cherish every moment.  It was about SO much more than glue and coloring.  It really is where you become... ALL KNOWING!!!  


  1. Hey pretty Momma! Thanks for your well wishes regarding baby Elijah. We are pretty delighted!

  2. Hi Heather! You have such a beautiful bunch! I love that she said he, "throwed up." She is adorable.