Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've got the spring fever

Forget H1N1... I've got SPRING FEVER!!!
One stroll down the aisles of Target, and you will know what I mean!!! The brightly colored kitchen towels just jump out at you, begging you to take them home and spruce up your dreary, winter abode.  The temps here have been in the upper 40s for the past few days.  The sun has peeked out of the clouds and the snow is almost completely melted off my yard.  I am so thrilled that my house doesn't face north... I don't think I could face the giant piles of snow every day, knowing that they were far from being melted.  Not that my view is anything spectacular, but even the brown grass makes my heart feel a little anticipation of spring.  On Monday, I even opened up a few of my windows!!  It felt delicious.  I am such a warm weather person.  To be honest, I actually prefer HOT weather.  No coats to struggle with, no boots to keep track of, no wet mittens to dry out.  I keep thinking of all of the new plants I put in the ground last year.  They are thrilled with the winter... they are enjoying their rest and will surprise us all *soon*. My snow drops are the first act of the production that takes place in my yard.  Sometimes these precious white friends pop their little heads up as early as February.  Shortly after that, a few crocus will bravely arise.   Until then, I will continue to do my inside projects, enjoy reading by the fire under my Snuggli,  and gaze longingly at the new Spring fashions in the magazines which promise that my sweaters won't be front and center in the closet forever.  That will keep a little bit of hope in my heart to make it through the next couple of months.

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