Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...and the livin' is easy

Summertime - it's supposed to be carefree and easy. Yesterday was like that and I loved it. After enduring an incredibly stress and conflict filled week last week, I have vowed to keep the rest of our summer from being polluted by such things. Usually after a week like last week, I come to my senses and realize that I am the one who is allowing, condoning, enabling the family to be overcome by all of the pressures from the "outside". So, I take a step back and remind myself of my responsibilities as the mom and manager of our household; of my vision for how our family is going to live; that I can say "no", I can say "yes", I can say"not right now", I can set limits and boundaries that other families might not have, and we can have fun-filled days rather than yucky ones. It's an interesting reality that we all live better with limits, because the limits give us freedom and space and relaxation. It's how the rest of our summer is going to be!! Just look at how relaxed Polly Pocket is - she had an easy-livin' day too!!!

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